Chimney Leak Repairs

Chimney Repair Philadelphia, PA

Left un-repaired, a leaking chimney can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home! McNAMARA MASONRY are experts in identifying hard to find leaks in and around chimneys and have repaired thousands of problem chimneys throughout the Delaware Valley since 1989. When your chimney is restored properly, it should be many years before further attention is necessary.


Chimney Repair Philadelphia, PA

Superior customer service and exceptional craftsmanship have been the hallmarks of our company since it's inception. Chris McNamara is the local expert in chimney repair/restoration and flashing work. He stands by his workmanship by offering a 5 Year Labor & Materials Warranty. On the REFERENCES page, you can view testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

                                                       View a chimney restoration at Merion prior to US Open 





Philadelphia Chimney Repair

Our skilled masons can rebuild, re-point, re-line, re-cope and repair stone, brick and stucco chimneys.  We also specialize in restoring
and repairing brick, stone and stucco building facades.  Please visit
our PROJECT GALLERY to view Before & After photos of our
quality workmanship . . .


Chimney Repair Philly

  Bucks County Chimney Repair Deteriorating bricks or mortar joints on the interior or exterior 
       of your chimney?

  Chimney Repair PA Cracked or crumbling stucco on the chimney surface?

  Chimney Repair Philly Moisture stains on the walls near the chimney that grow larger 
       when it rains?

   Water collected in the firebox of the fireplace when it rains?

   Water in the basement where the heater vents into the chimney?

   Chimney flashing, caps or coping that need repair or replacement?


Chimney Repair in Pennsylvania and New Jersey




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    Philadelphia Chimney Repair



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